Music Lessons

In Victoria, BC

Currently accepting students of all levels and ages for:

  • voice training & vocal coaching
  • classical & contemporary guitar
  • audio production & engineering
  • composition, theory & songwriting


Classical and contemporary vocal coaching and training. By ear and/or by book.
Explore the potential of your voice with engaging, performance oriented vocal lessons.
Lessons are centered around material you enjoy and wish to sing. Areas of study include:

-Breath management
-Vibrato and phrasing
-Vocal health and warmups
-Ear training and interval identification
-Falsetto and vocal blend


Offering lessons for the beginner and intermediate level of student.
Lessons are based around the music and repertoire you want to learn how to play.
Acoustic or electric guitar. Areas of study include:
-Classical right hand finger picking technique
-Contemporary pick based playing
-Reading music notation and tablature
-Scales and chords
-Signal processing and effects chains

Audio Production

Study DAW based audio engineering, recording, mixing as well as MIDI based
programming & synthesizer sound design. Areas of study include:
-Multi-track recording
-Signal flow and processing
-MIDI programming
-Sound design
-Synthesizer programming and modulation
-Mixing and mastering approaches and technique

Interested in studying with Georin?

To discuss your musical background, areas of interest, lesson rates & terms, schedule a complimentary consultation with Georin.